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The ethos of MyCarCoach is summed up in our mission statement: to simplify your next car purchase, manage it smoothly on your behalf and more importantly, save you money.

MyCarCoach was formed by Nick Johnson to provide an outlet for his rather unhealthy obsession with everything automotive, along with his passion for creating an innovative service that would change the way people bought their next car.

After dividing his time between a consultancy role at an international finance company and working as an external partner for a newly formed car finance/sourcing operation, Nick realised the market was crying out for a fresh approach to car-buying:

"After helping numerous clients source and finance cars for twelve years or more, it became abundantly clear to me that so much of their valuable time was being wasted purchasing their next car.

All the research that went on, hours spent trawling through numerous jargon-filled magazines, visiting showrooms on a wet Sunday and more importantly the worry of whether or not they had negotiated the best deal or even picked the right car! It's all so incredibly inefficient and outdated, especially when you consider that when buying a house you are not expected to do all the hard work on your own, you use professionals. Why should buying a car, the second most important purchase you'll ever make, be any different?

This led to the formation of MyCarCoach, a service that takes all the hassle out of car-buying, allowing you to get on with what you would rather be doing in your spare time or professional life whilst we do all the hard work for you. It is my aim that motorists will never even consider buying their next car without using MyCarCoach first"

MyCarCoach provides a complete hand-holding service to manage the whole car-buying process on your behalf, never again will you have to worry whether:

  • you have chosen the right car as we only recommend what's best for your personal circumstance as of course, we are completely independent and impartial.
  • you could have negotiated a better price.
  • the jargon actually means what you think it does.
  • you really do need that fancy option that looked good in the showroom.
  • it is all going to cost too much.
  • you do need to sign up to that particular piece of consumer protection.

We operate on a national basis and the service is provided for all cars, whether new or used or sold from a garage or private individual.