This report is presented in person and in keeping with the ethos of MyCarCoach everything is explained in simple terms, free of the usual jargon and all advice/recommendations provided are entirely independent and free of association from any manufacturer.


The benefits of this service ensure that it is a centrally managed process and our expertise ensures that your company benefits from market-leading rates as well as untold savings in time and energy


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MyCarCoach works with businesses who offer the benefit of company cars to their staff to achieve pre-determined objectives.

The Company Car Sector is Changing:

In the current climate, there has been a big shift towards more environmentally friendly car fleets and MyCarCoach offers you market-leading expertise in this field. The benefits of such a shift are reduced tax implications for your staff and reduced running and National Insurance costs for your company along with valuable P.R.

What MyCarCoach Delivers:

  • A comprehensive review of the existing company car scheme in place (if applicable) along with detailed discussions of what objectives are to be met.
  • In-depth market research of available options to meet the pre-determined objectives.
  • Preparation of a detailed report that outlines the benefits and costs of all available options. Note that 'Whole-Life Costs' are considered to provide an overall perspective on cost and tax implications. Click here to read more..
  • Once the best fit option is selected, MyCarCoach will go out to the market and manage every step of the procurement process. Click here to read more..

Salary Sacrifice Schemes:

In addition, we can also work with you to implement a Salary Sacrifice scheme, a system that has grown in popularity in recent years. This is a revised compensation package that saves employees tax and National Insurance contributions by sacrificing an element of their core salary in return for the provision of a company car. Such schemes also have the added benefit of saving employer National Insurance contributions too.

Fee Basis:

Naturally given that each engagement is specific to the client, fees for this service are on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a proposal offer.

The MyCarCoach Promise:

MyCarCoach will simplify your company car scheme by managing it smoothly on your behalf and, more importantly, will save your company money.

Nick Johnson, Founder of MyCarCoach.