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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to the most common questions that we get asked:

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What is MyCarCoach?   
Who is MyCarCoach aimed at?   
What does MyCarCoach offer?   
What is the MyCarCoach process?   
Is MyCarCoach expensive?   
How much do you cost?

Any fees we charge are directly linked to the cash saving we get for our clients, that way you can tangibly see how much money you have saved from using us.

For finding you a car (Vehicle Sourcing package), we charge 25% of the discount we obtain on your behalf; that is the difference between what the car was priced at originally vs. what you actually pay on the invoice.

For recommending a car and then finding that particular car (Vehicle Coaching package), we charge 35% of the discount we obtain on your behalf; that is the difference between what the car was priced at originally vs. what you actually pay on the invoice.

If you have a car that you wish to part-exchange as part of the deal, then our 25%/35% fee percentage is based upon the difference between the original 'cost-to-change' amount vs. the actual 'cost-to-change' amount that you pay. 'Cost-to-change' is the amount it costs you to change from your current car to the new one. It is calculated by the difference between the value of your existing car which you are part-exchanging and the price of the new replacement car.

If you are purchasing your next car on finance, we will ensure that you are not over-charged on the interest that you pay. In recognition of any negotiation we undertake in obtaining a lower interest rate for you, our associated fee is 25% of the discount in interest charges applied over the life of the agreement.

Do you ask for money upfront?

In recognition of the time we spend arranging the best possible deal for you, we ask for a fully refundable £150 deposit upfront.

The reason for this is to protect our investment of time and energy in you.

This is fully refundable in the event that we cannot provide what you originally asked us to. Please note that this has never happened yet!

Is MyCarCoach just for luxury cars?

No, as we have hopefully made clear by now, this service is for all types of cars. Whatever car you want is equally important to us as we understand what an important financial decision this is.

Can you arrange finance to help me purchase my next car?

Yes. Given that MyCarCoach manages all of the buying process on your behalf, we take care of everything, including the arrangement of the most appropriate finance scheme for you.

Furthermore, given that we work for you and look after your best interests, we advise on what finance scheme is best, which naturally includes securing the best possible rate of interest for your individual circumstance.

Buying a car is expensive enough and we will ensure that you are not over-charged for buying on finance.

What does MyCarCoach offer that a car broker does not?   
Why are you called MyCarCoach?   
Do you buy the car for me?   
Can you help with part-exchanging my old car?

Absolutely, we always strive to get the best possible trade-in price for your car. It is our mission to save you money, so the more money you get for your old car, the less money your next car costs you. Simple.

What peace of mind do I have when using MyCarCoach?

We work for you, so treat any car purchase as we would do as if it were our own. Your peace of mind is crucial which is why with every car purchase we arrange, we provide a HPI report.

We generally only source cars backed by a comprehensive warranty and that have been subject to a thorough mechanical inspection.

In the event that your selected car is out of warranty, we will recommend third-party warranty providers.

Where appropriate we can also arrange vehicle specific mechanical inspections. This is of particular importance when purchasing a high performance or luxury vehicle.

Can you deliver my next car?

As Barack Obama once said, yes we can! Sometimes this can be organised as part of the deal but in the event of an additional charge, this is agreed with you upfront.

If you still have a burning question that is unanswered, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you and have a chat!