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Client Feedback

Clients all over the UK have trusted us as their car finders and we have published their feedback here. We can source, inspect, deliver and act as your concierge for all cars from a Nissan Micra upto a Lamborghini - you name it. So if you want to save time and money on your next new or used car purchase, give Nick or Oliver a call for friendly, expert advice.


We have been looking for a city car to supplement our bigger family car. Following a thorough discussion we heeded Nick's advice and focussed from the start on Honda Jazz. Over four weeks Nick presented us with eight different options and eventually we narrowed down our list to one. The car is in a perfect condition, low mileage and moderately priced - we could not have asked for more. The whole process of sourcing the car through My Car Coach was straightforward and efficient. Many thanks for a great service.

Mr M Machura, Bournemouth
Honda Jazz

I have needed to get a new car for a while but every time I started looking, I found the process complex and the salespeople overly pushy. It got to the point where my MOT, tax, and Service were due in less than a month and the costs associated with all of those gave me the push to start sorting a new car out. I called Nick, told him I needed a car within a month, it needed to be new, 5 door, very economical, and come with a strict budget. He did his research and came back with the suggestion of a VW Polo 1.2 tdi match, a car I didn't think I could afford. He negotiated money off the new car, negotiated the part exchange value of my old car up, arranged the finance and I collected my lovely new car within the month. Nick made the whole process easy and stress free. I wouldn't buy a car any other way! Thanks my car coach!!

Ms K Hopkins, Warwick
VW Polo

I had already started looking for a second-hand car for my daughters and was going nowhere fast! I was fortunate enough to meet Nick Johnson from My Car Coach. I told him our requirements and despite not being the biggest of customers he listened to what we wanted. He located a car for us very quickly, took it for a drive and assured me that it was a good buy. I did put my trust in him and was not disappointed. The car arrived in immaculate condition and was everything that we had been looking for. The best things about My Car Coach? I stayed within my budget, Nick was delightful to work with and all of the hassle of searching for a car was taken away.

Miss J Barringer, Lymington
Volkswagen Polo 1.2

Nick got me the car I wanted with a £2,000 discount off the list price and provided superb second-to-none service throughout.

Miss Y Capon, Birmingham
Citroen C1

The time had come to replace my gas guzzler to reduce my fuel costs, but I wanted something fun and quirky too but wasn't sure what. I found MyCarCoach after an advert in a local magazine and was impressed by Nick's approachability and knowledge. After Nick suggested some options, I decided on a Fiat 500 Convertible TwinAir which offered amazing performance from such a tiny engine. Nick took care of everything making it so easy, all I had to do was pay for the car and collect it. A fun car with much lower running costs, very pleased!

Mr P James, Warwickshire
Fiat 500 C

My experience with MyCarCoach was excellent! I was in search of a small run around car which was economical and had an element of fun! Nick advised me of a number of different options within my specified criteria and together we decided on a Toyota Aygo! From this point, Nick handled all the negotiation details and saved me £1,800 off the asking price with the addition of delivery to my door, a full tank of fuel and a years tax! In terms of cost saving, my car keeps rewarding me with reduced road tax costs year on year!! Thank you My Car Coach your expertise was greatly appreciated!

Miss J Bean, London
Toyota Aygo

When the warranty expired on my old car, I was met with many options (none that I understood very well) about whether to keep or change my current car. I approached Nick Johnson of MyCarCoach who explained the options available to me in laymans terms. I explained my currently car and financial situation, my old car needed four new tyres, a service, brake pads, MOT and I had no deposit to put down and could not go much higher on my current monthly payments if I decided to change for a new car. But Nick broke it all down for me and I left it in his hands (he had a way of making me feel very comfortable) and I couldn't believe when he completely specified my new car with very little input from me! He 100% listened to my needs and very limited instructions, liaised with the dealership on my behalf and even accompanied me to pick up the new car! I now have an amazing brand new car for only £3 more a month than I was previously paying and don't need to worry about tires, brakepads etc! Thank you Nick and MyCarCoach!

A Kaur, Birmingham
Fiat 500

A new car is something everyone dreams about having especially when you own an old car that has seen better days but I assumed that I would only be able to afford a used car. Just the thought of having to look through Auto-Trader or newspapers was causing me anxiety so I convinced myself I was hundred percent happy with my old car! I found Nick (MyCarCoach) online. Nick asked me what my budget was and what I was generally looking for. He came back to with my dream car, an amazing, fully kitted out; brand new Fiat 500, which was IN my budget! I can't thank MyCarCoach enough and it's really nice to know that the relationship doesn't end once the deal is done. Thanks again Nick, will certainly use your expertise again!

Miss M Kaur, Birmingham
Fiat 500

I was in a dilemma until My Car Coach was recommended to me by a satisfied customer. I had an accident and needed to buy a car quickly - but the right one. I had driven the same car for years and had no idea where to start.

Nick Johnson of My Car Coach showed me what was currently on the market, advised and helped me to assess my options. The car I decided on was 200 miles away and he inspected it on my behalf using excellent judgement. He used his professional excellence in bargaining the price and after the sale was completed, drove the car to my door.

What a service! I found My Car Coach to be efficient, helpful, trustworthy and reasonably priced. I would recommend it to anyone who needs help in finding a car. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Mine was! I am now a very happy customer and a very proud owner of my new car!

Maree Feeney - Poole, Dorset
Nissan Micra CC


I am absolutely thrilled with my lovely new Mercedes, even more so because of how easy Nick at My CarCoach made the whole experience. Just a couple of phone calls, and a couple weeks later my shiny new car was delivered to my door. No stress, no hassle, no wasted time traipsing around car dealerships - this is THE ONLY way to get a new car. Thank you MyCarCoach.

Sue Benoke, Bournemouth
Mercedes C-Class

MyCarCoach really was the easiest way for me to lease my new car. No pressure or hassle and saved me so much time.

Catherine Marks, London
Audi A3 Sportback

I contacted MyCarCoach to recommend some suitable options to replace my Lexus which they did admirably. One such option was the Jaguar XF which I then went ahead and purchased after receiving all the advice I needed from MyCarCoach. The key benefit to this service for me was having an independent impartial guide, someone who I knew was only looking after my best interests. I would recommend MyCarCoach to all my colleagues and friends. Very impressed

Mr C Mower, Parkstone
Jaguar XF 2.2 Diesel

I had been looking for a nearly new car for about a month, and as a result knew exactly what I wanted, an Audi A4 with quite a precise specification. However, the whole process had left me rather fatigued, negotiating with main dealer car salesman and fending off their portfolio of 'insurance packages'. At this point, my internet searches introduced me to the concept of vehicle sourcing, and 'MyCarCoach' stood out due to it's streamlined offer and sensible approach to charging. So, I made use of the 'Vehicle Sourcing' option, and provided Nick with an exact specification of my vehicle requirements. In next to no time Nick came back with a matching A4, at a very good deal, much better than I could Have achieved myself. On top of all that, the car was delivered direct to me all the way from Grimsby. In addition MyCarCoach have kept in contact with me to ensure all is well with my newly acquired car. Of course, a few years down the line, I will thinking about trading up to a newer model, and I sure that I will be going back to 'MyCarCoach' to negotiate another great deal for me. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone.

Mr M Davison, Cambridge
Audi A4

Nick at MyCarCoach was knowledgeable, reliable and delivered a great car on budget. We tasked MyCarCoach with providing a cost efficient car at a budget of £8-£9k suitable for a family of five. The car exceeds all of our criteria and we cannot recommend the service highly enough. I thoroughly recommend this service; you end up with a great car at a good price without any of the worry and hassle of hunting around the dealers.

M Gillet, Poole
Volvo V50 1.6d SE Lux start-stop


It was so refreshing to buy my new car through MyCarCoach, they offered that rare personal touch throughout and made sure I got the best deal, all without putting on any pressure. Very refreshing.

Peter Illing, Warwickshire
Fiat 500X

This has definitely been my easiest car buying experience. Nick inspected the car and negotiated a substantial discount, he then had the repairs and valeting required carried out before personally delivering the vehicle to my home over 300 miles away from the vendor. Nick kept me well informed every step of the way, I'm very happy with the service and the vehicle. I would highly recommend MyCarCoach.

Dr. Martin Kitson, County Durham
Volkswagen Transporter

This really was the perfect service for me. I had been making no progress for nearly a year on deciding on what car to get. Nick listened carefully to my needs and was quickly able to recommend a range of options for my budget. He then found me the perfect car, negotiated with the dealership and delivered it to my door. The service has been professional from start to finish and so reassuring - there has been zero hassle for me and I have a fabulous new car at an excellent price. I highly recommend this service and will definitely be using it again for my next car. Thank you.

Cathy Groves, Worcester
Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

I was looking for a car when I emigrated back to the UK from a year abroad. Nick was very helpful, and in our initial phone calls and emails we ironed out a plan for a suitable car within the budget that I set. After that, he just got one with it. Communication throughout was excellent, and ultimately I ended up with a great example of exactly what I was looking for within the budget we had originally set, waiting outside our door when we returned. As a way of buying a used car, I can't recommend this highly enough!

Jonathan Hutt, Balham
Honda CR-V

MyCarCoach were fantastic! I was unsure how the process would work at first, but they kept me well informed throughout, recommended appropriate cars for my requirements, then sourced the exact car I was looking for. Finding the car alone was of huge help as I was unable to find the car myself, but to top it off they dealt with the dealership, negotiated on my behalf and got me a huge discount off the marked price, much more than I thought would be possible, as well as part exchanging my old car for double what I had been offered when approaching garages myself!

It was such an easy service to use, taking all the hassles of buying a car away from me, the hardest thing I had to do was go and pick the car up, which lets face it, is the best bit!

Lloyd Morgan Productions, Bournemouth
Nissan Qashqai 1.6 N-Tech

Nick very much helped me when I was sourcing my latest car. I thought that it would be fine to just look on auto trader, but Nick was finding cars to my specification from websites that I didn't even know existed!

I can highly recommend Nick and MyCarCoach

Mr R Mace, Bournemouth
Honda Civic

As far as I'm aware this type of service is unique and, for me, removed a lot of the hassle of buying a new car. Nick made considered, detailed suggestions once I'd given him budget ideas and gave factual information about all the vehicles together with his own expert insight.

Once I'd decided on a car, he also negotiated an additional £600 off the car (5% saving) with the garage.

His service was personable and approachable throughout and he always responded to requests promptly and informatively.

If you're after a new car I couldn't recommend this service more highly.

Mr I Kettle, Birmingham
Citroen DS3

Having just moved back to the UK from living abroad, I needed to buy a car quickly. Being a bit of a car lover, I had a number of things on my wish list, and to be honest, I thought that being able to tick them all off would be too good to be true. Until Nick from MyCarCoach came along. Nick listened to every single request I had, even asking questions about things I hadn't thought of. He presented me with options on financing, and explained everything clearly, and also in a way which helped me to understand and determine how it would impact me personally. Nick then requested I sit back and relax, while I trusted him to find the car of my dreams! And that's exactly what he did. I'd hoped for the new style Mercedes A Class, but felt that I would have to compromise on some of the options in order to be able to have one. Not at all. Nick did not rest until he found me my perfect car, even recommending an additional option which he thought really enhanced the look of the car. Nick introduced me to the dealer, and was in touch with me every step of the way; reviewing the finance agreement for me, and even meeting with me on the day I signed the paperwork. I absolutely love my new car, and even to this day I can't believe he found me one to such a high specification, within my budget. And his service didn't end at that point; he also was able to find me a competitive price for some gap insurance - again, saving me the time and hassle of looking myself. I cannot recommend Nick's service highly enough - I already have many friends interested after they've seen my car and wondered how I came across it!!! Thank you MyCarCoach, for your expertise, professionalism and client service!

Miss S McGarel, London
Mercedes A Class

I am really happy with the Ford Focus Nick sourced for me. I had a small budget, and Nick guided me through the different models that would meet my needs. He kept me updated whenever he found a car that might be suitable, and was happy to answer all of my questions. Since buying the car I have been really pleased with it. I am sure that is a direct result of Nick's care and diligence in finding a car that meets my needs and budget. I am happy to recommend Nick and MyCarCoach.

Mr C Smith, Hampshire
Ford Focus

I was meaning to get a new car for a long time but given other commitments, finding the time to research/search for one proved impossible. After hearing about My Car Coach, I contacted them and they did everything on my behalf. Nick specifically listened to my requirements and, after identifying a suitable car, contacted the garage to discuss all of the necessary details - all I had to do was test drive and pay for the car. Nick gave me extremely helpful advice based on his knowledge and experience, whilst doing so in a professional and friendly manger without all of the technical 'jargon'. I would highly recommend using My Car Coach to anyone!

Mr J Taberer, Birmingham
Audi A3


I have just bought a nearly new Jag through MyCarCoach and I now know something - I will never buy a car any other way. Nick made it so easy, got me serious money off and what's more: sold my old car for me...also at a better price than I would have got. He and Lawrence were brilliant, so knowledgeable and professional.

Alex Brodie, Cumbria
Jaguar XF Sportbrake

I would like to express my thanks for the service you provided in both securing and then seeing the process through to the delivery of my new car. Whilst I consider myself more than capable of negotiating a better deal of any product either here at work or personally, the additional discount and saving you found me was unexpected and gratefully received. I appreciated your approach where I could either deal with the dealer for my new car or in my case, leave the updates with you and your pricing structure was very fair. I can now see how your service would benefit not only the supercar owners I had first envisaged but also anyone looking for something unusual, rare or even a standard production vehicle where your contacts and knowledge will pay rewards.

Andy Young, Reading
Maserati Ghibli

After a recent promotion at work, the time had come to replace my elderly BMW with something more appropriate but being extremely busy myself and not knowing much about these kind of things, I came across MyCarCoach on the internet and liked the novel concept. I spoke with Nick in-depth about the types of vehicles available to me and after much discussion we settled on a nearly new Mercedes C63 Coupe, I then left the sourcing and arranging of such a car in Nick's capable hands. In no time at all, Nick had found the right car with the spec I wanted at a much better deal than I imagined possible. This was honestly the easiest way for me to buy a car as it saved me so much time and it was also comforting to know that at the same time I still got a great deal. If you want to save time and money, look no further.

Mr A Gray, Leeds
Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe

The MyCarCoach service was invaluable, from advising me what was the best car for my needs, finding it and then saving me a considerable amount of money into the bargain. It really is a win/win proposition- none of the usual hassle of locating a vehicle plus extremely professional and friendly advice, all costing you less than you'd have paid if you did it yourself.

Mr J Kelling, London
Mercedes-Benz CL63

I found MyCarCoach through a motoring online forum and charged Nick with finding me a used black Mercedes S Class diesel. Nick was a pleasure to work with as I did nothing and he did everything, keeping me updated through every step of the process. He found the right car for me with every possible option fitted at a price that was £5,000 under my budget. Very impressed with the car and the service.

Mr S Edwards, London
Mercedes S320 CDI

What might be a daunting experience turned into great fun - MyCarCoach researched everything on my behalf well, provided all necessary information and always followed up quickly, patiently undertaking all the administration - in short, a well worth 'Service With A Smile'!

Ms C Downton, Bournemouth
Jaguar XJ


I was recommended MyCarCoach through a business associate, so I charged Nick with finding me a F430 Coupe with the colour combination of Nero with Crema leather. However, against expectations he found me the exact car but in convertible form for the same monthly budget that I had allocated for a Coupe. Naturally with a planned European driving trip this was the better option. I was impressed with Nick's knowledge of the supercar market and the contacts he was able to call upon to excel my objectives.

Mr J Williams, Leeds
Ferrari 430 Spider

I am a busy property investor and came across MyCarCoach after a recommendation via a mutual friend. Nick's professional approach was apparent during our first meeting and I really liked how he took the time to discuss my requirements and I never felt that he wanted me to make a quick decision! Once I had decided upon the make, model and even colour, Nick handled all the negotiation with the Porsche main dealers and kept me regularly updated with developments. It enabled me to focus on my property business and feel comfortable that Nick was going to secure me a great deal. Nick was a big help and even kept in touch after I had collected the car. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick's services to anyone who wants to secure a superb deal on their next car!

Mr A Borrill, Leeds
Porsche Boxster

I sought Nick's services in January 2012 to source me a Mini Cooper S. I set some fairly tight criteria and from my first contact Nick gave me professional, honest and personal feedback. His knowledge of car sales/finance is vast and the service he offered was second to none. I would highly recommend Nick and his services and look forward to dealing with him in the future.

Mr D Morris, Hertfordshire
MINI Cooper S

I have always hated the process of buying a car. I came across the MyCarCoach website and immediately liked the concept behind the service. Throughout the process, Nick (my contact) was efficient, courteous, personable, knowledgeable, calm and always professional. One year later, a new car is outside my house and I can honestly say I would not have completed the process without this service. I would recommend MyCarCoach's service to anybody!

J Moore, Leicester
Smart Brabus Roadster Coupe

I found MyCarCoach online and spoke to Nick about what I wanted: A stylish 4-seater convertible that had to be quick, petrol powered and with a manual transmission. We discussed some options and decided that an Audi S4 would be perfect. My additional criteria was that it had to be black with a black leather interior with below average mileage. Nick then scoured the country for me, before finding one in St Albans which he then went to view personally. He organised an official inspection and negotiated the deal with the seller. Nick took away all of the hassle out of buying such a complex car and even negotiated the personalised number plate as part of the deal. This was such an easy and stress free way to buy a car, I would happily recommend MyCarCoach as they make the process so easy.

Mr L Hayhoe, Manchester
Audi S4 Cabriolet

From my first discussions with Nick I knew that I had found a trusted and professional route to find my dream car, a late model 997 Turbo S. I had little time or experience to put towards trawling the classifieds. Nick took on all the responsibility and kept me up to date daily with car options he had found and was extremely honest regarding the up and downside of each vehicle. Nick exceeded my expectations by finding and negotiating a fantastic price on a car that I firmly believed would be out of my price range. He also got a great price on my trade in price. Nick made the whole car purchase a hassle free pleasurable experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending My Car Coach.

Mr D White, Oxfordshire
Porsche 911 (997) Turbo S

Thanks to MyCarCoach I now have the perfect car that I was looking for without having to do the looking myself. All I did was provide a wish list and the rest was done for me. All in all it was a great service which I would definitely recommend and use in the future. Thank you!

Miss J Courage, Poole
BMW 1 Series 116 M-Sport

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to MyCarCoach for finding my new car. Your knowledge and contacts within the car industry have been invaluable and I LOVE my new car! Thank you MyCarCoach!!

Miss C Thompson, Bournemouth
MINI Cooper Convertible


When I first started to consider purchasing a RR Evoke I was reluctant to go to a dealer as I didn't want to feel pressured into making a quick decision. At first I knew nothing about the various models or the cost comparisons. MyCarCoach provided me with detailed emails and phone conversations outlining the different choices I had with regards to models, finance options etc. At every stage Nick gave me plenty of time to consider everything. No pressure, went at my pace, he also negotiated a good discount with the dealer, which allowed me to add optional extras that I would not have had. It was definitely a less stressful way to buy a new car and happy to recommend to others.

Margaret Prothero, Birmingham
Range Rover Evoque

I had wanted a BMW X5 for some time but wanted the new style not knowing if it was in budget or not. Thanks to Nick at MyCarCoach it was and the whole buying process was made easy and efficient and it was nice to have someone on my side just working for me. I wouldn't buy a car any other way now.

Mr S Jones, Manchester

I had looked for my dream car for over a year and thanks to MyCarCoach I found a Subaru Forester diesel which ticks all my boxes. The service provided by MyCarCoach was very extensive and the experience I received in person and by email and telephone was first class. I achieved a very good price reduction which would not have been possible without MyCarCoach. I would definitely recommend this business to friends and will use them again when I purchase my next car. Thank you My CarCoach!.

Mr S. Stencel, Tameside, Manchester
Subaru Forester

I had an excellent experience with My Car Coach, it was all very easy and professional. I had already chosen the Evoque model and all the extras I wanted until I spoke to My Car Coach when Nick suggested a slightly different model that had everything I wanted included already, saving me several thousand pounds on the purchase price. I have had the car for a few months now, I am extremely happy with it and very glad I chose the model suggested by My Car Coach. Very easy to contact with both freephone and a mobile number and emails responded to quickly too. Highly recommended and I will definitely use them for my next car!! Thank you.

Mr T Hurn, Sussex
Range Rover Evoque

I had never thought of using this type of service, until someone suggested I give Nick a call. He found me the right vehicle, within budget & saved me a lot of time ringing round. I will use Nick again.

Mr N Duke, London
Range Rover 4.4 TDV8

I had never realised that such a car advisory service existed until a friend told me about MyCarCoach. Once I spoke to Nick, I was sold as this was such an easy way to buy my next car. My criteria was restricted, I knew that I wanted a Land Rover Freelander but I wanted it in black with a light leather interior, a rare combination. Nick found such a car in Leeds and negotiated the sale price with the dealer and he even arranged delivery to my door. Given my busy working hours, this was a perfect service for me, I would recommend this to any other busy mums out there.

Mrs Kaminsky, Solihull
Land Rover Freelander HSE